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Targeting Google Sitelinks

"How do I choose what Google Sitelinks are shown for My Site?"

This is certainly the most important aspect of the sitelinks to me, having strange text links that make little sense displayed below your site in google doesn't really help users of your site, imho it actually subtracts value from your search engine listing.

In the end google is deciding which links to display for whatever reasons it decides and it is unlikely that anyone will actually figure out every detail. However there are many inferences that we can make based on past behaviour, as such I will explain some guidelines that I suggest.

This process is fairly straight forward. In my experiences with various web pages I have found that the easiest way to get the sitelinks you want is to ensure that your home page's main navigation links are the only links displayed on the home page. Since sitelinks are generally created for the highest traffic pages of your site, it stands to reason that these links from your home page will be selected as they will most likely be the most visited links on your site. While this technique works great if you are just creating your site for the first time, it does not work so well for those sites that already have a link structure. In this case, the most trafficed pages of your site will most likely be displayed under your google listing. The new ability to block google sitelinks allows for further customization of which sitelinks appear and which do not.

Important Things to Consider


Link Naming Conventions

Site Layout

Link Structure



I cannot stress the importance of these three things when creating or improving your website. I personally feel if you are not using proper link naming conventions for your site, you are making a huge mistake! A good site layout not only aids with sitelinks and serps in general but also allows users of your site the most enjoyable experience possible, and allows them to move about your site with little effort.

This is something I am hard at work trying to determine, if you can contribute any information regarding this please leave a comment here.


Sitelink Example :

Google Sitelinks Example

More About Google Sitelinks

On September 7, 2006, Google's sitemap guru, Vanessa Fox, wrote a blog entry titled Information about Sitelinks. She explained that Sitelinks are generated automatically, and that Sitelinks are designed to provide searchers with more valuable search results. Fox also said that Google will be expanding the Sitelinks program. Since then we've been getting many questions from webmaster interested to know how they can get a Sitelinks listing.