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Getting Google Sitelinks

"How do I get Google Sitelinks For My Site?"

I shall endeavor to do my best to answer this question. First and foremost the seemingly most important aspect of obtaining sitelinks is the age of your website. As with most of google's widgets & gadgets for detecting what sites best meet the search criteria entered, older website are favored. Another somewhat obvious aspect is being ranked number 1 in the serps for your niche or company. Now comes the less obvious information and this is where the most speculation will take occur. A clear site hierarchy is key for getting the site links you want, and a method of choosing what sitelinks display in the google search. What this means is fairly simple, using text links place the most important links in your site on your home page. Break the less trafficed sections of your site into subcategories that are then linked to from an "upper level" page that governs that "topic". When you make a sitemap for your site it should be clear the different levels of importance of each page or section of your website.

Aside from this, other information regarding google sitelinks is sketchy and left up to the imaginations of those at google who control our lives ;)

A sitelinks study :

As webmaster of a site you may come to notice that you have these wonderfully little google sitelinks in your webmaster tools section of google however you don't see them in a google search for your page.

Once you have these sitelinks for your site, what causes them to show in the serps or not?

This is something I am hard at work trying to determine, if you can contribute any information regarding this please leave a comment here.


Sitelink Example :

Google Sitelinks Example

More About Google Sitelinks

On September 7, 2006, Google's sitemap guru, Vanessa Fox, wrote a blog entry titled Information about Sitelinks. She explained that Sitelinks are generated automatically, and that Sitelinks are designed to provide searchers with more valuable search results. Fox also said that Google will be expanding the Sitelinks program. Since then we've been getting many questions from webmaster interested to know how they can get a Sitelinks listing.


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